The amount listed are New Taiwanese Dollar.

The tuition listed includes e-textbook :
if you purchased 18hr package, you will receive 1 e-book,
if you purchased 36hr package, you will receive 2 e-books,
if you purchased 72hr package, you will receive 3 e-books.

e-book : we use platform "readmoo", you can read the book through your smart phone, pad, or pc.

Important Note 1 :

Change of numbers of students during the semester would impact the hours you purchased.

For private group (more than 1 person), the tuition rate is related to number of students, if the number of students in a private group decrease during the semester, the total hours will be re-calculated based on the new tuition rate. For example, a 4 people group purchased 18hrs course ( 550 NT/hour, NT 9,900/person) . After 6 hours , 1 student drop the class, hence it became a 3 people group, the tuition rate now become 750 NT/hour. Originally there's 12 hours left. Due to the change of number of students, the remaining hours become 9 hours.

Important Note 2 :

Class type (on-line or on-site ) needs to be dicided before class start, and can't be changed during the semester.

Important Note 3 :

Class duration (1 hr/class or 1.5 hr/class) or frequency ( 1 class /week or 2 classes/week) needs to be dicided before the class start, and can't be shortened during the semester.

Off-site Class

If you have a request for off-site classes, the pricing will be based on the distance between the off-site location and our center.

For locations within 3 kilometers from our center, the price will be the amount listed in the table plus an additional 100 NT per hour.

For locations between 3.1 to 5 kilometers from our center, the price will be the amount listed in the table plus an additional 200 NT per hour.

Off-site Class Location and Hardware Requirements:

Off-site classes are limited to the Hsinchu area and must have at least one class per week. Each class should have a minimum duration of 2 hours.

To ensure an uninterrupted learning environment, off-site classes must not be conducted in private residences or noisy places such as cafes. Classes can be held in public spaces within private communities, such as study rooms or company meeting rooms. The off-site location must provide the necessary hardware equipment for the class, including 1. whiteboard and whiteboard markers, and 2. a projector or a screen that can connect to a laptop for projection (minimum size of 40 inches).

In case of ABSENCE:

The notice must be 48 hours in advance.

In case of sickness, must be 3 hours in advance.

Otherwise, the class will be deducted.

This is an US platform, the bank of your credit card might charge an additional "1.5% processing / foreign transaction fee" of each transaction's total, which is not included in our fee.

The currency on this website is settled in "New Taiwanese Dollars" (NTD/TWD).

方案選擇 Package select


Members of the same group are required to choose the same package.

Rates listed below are per person, and each one is billed individually.

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You may receive an "Unenroll" email 2 days after your registration from our system automatically.

It won't affect any of your rights to the course enrolled and thus the mail can be neglected.